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Mission and services offered

Russian Expert Center Education & Training Project features the retraining courses for the regional SMEs interested in developing the export potential.


The program is divided into courses covering all spheres of export activity, which allows building systematic knowledge.

  • Introduction to export: export project lifecycle. Public support for export-oriented enterprises.
  • Business communication in export
  • Legal basics of export
  • Financial resource management for exporters
  • Export-related document management
  • Customs clearance of export operations
  • Logistics at an export company

Each REC Education & Training Project participant can study either several courses, or master the complete educational program.

Each SME representative can get additional training on export activity in a convenient form: online at or full-time courses.

By 2016, full-time courses will have been available for students from thirteen regions of the Russian Federation. Full-time courses are led by the regional providers approved by the regional executive bodies to be the members of the export-supporting infrastructure and to implement the REC training programs in the region.

The training features the leading experts in the foreign economic activity as speakers, as well as analysis of real export cases, the clarifications on the existing legislation and the existing public support instruments.

Based on the course results, all students are granted a certificate on the successful completion of a REC Education & Training course.


  • Establishing universal export training standards - course program development;
  • Training the staff of the regional export-supporting entities to form a team of coaches;
  • REC certified coaches train the employees of the regional export-oriented enterprises following the REC methodology.


  • Focused on every practical aspect of export;
  • Practice oriented;
  • Different levels of knowledge, from starters to experienced students;
  • Maximum in-service training;
  • Available in all regions of Russia.


Online courses
  • Selecting the training pace
  • Maximum possible in-service training
  • Using modern technology
Full-time courses
  • Live communication with the coach
  • Live communication with the coach

Full-time courses in the regions

In 2016, full-time courses will be available in the following regions:

  • Volgograd Region
  • Nizhny Novgorod Region
  • Republic of Bashkortostan
  • Republic of Tatarstan
  • Rostov Region
  • Samara Region
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Sverdlovsk Region
  • Ulyanovsk Region
  • Khabarovsk Territory
  • Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous District - Yugra
  • Chelyabinsk Region


The portal is the first Russian specialized training online platform created by the state institute of export support specially for the representatives of SMEs willing to develop their businesses and launch export activities. The portal offers:


  • Project news
  • FEA news
  • REC analytical data
  • Regulatory documents


  • Signing up for a full-time course
  • Online on all devices


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  • Coaches - REC
  • Coaches - Coaches