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Mission and services offered

Russian Export Center provides the full range of export project support services, including:

  • advice on export-related issues;
  • export activity arrangement assistance;
  • assistance in export-related procedures;
  • contract follow-up (post-contract servicing).

The activities of the Center include, without limitation, the follow-up on the exporter’s queries arising in the course of their interaction with the relevant ministries, authorities, and public bodies.


  • demand for the product, risks associated with international business activities;
  • special analytical reviews and studies;
  • sectoral governmental support instruments;
  • the legal requirements to the imported goods (certification, licensing requirement, import duties; possible barriers);
  • special issues related to international business activities.


  • search for potential consumers in the key markets;
  • establishing business contacts with the relevant sectoral authorities;
  • establishing business contacts with foreign partners;
  • building up a pool of potential clients;
  • partner background and solvency check;
  • arrangement of targeted events/business missions;
  • promoting projects via government-to-government interaction;
  • participating in specialized trade shows;
  • preparing commercial offers and sales terms.


  • advice and written recommendations on the legal and patent protection of the product / technology in the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • legal services in the intellectual property related fields;
    • compiling and expert evaluation of licencing agreements;
    • Employer-Employee contractual relationships (Intellectual Property Rights distribution and allocation);
    • know-how patenting;
    • corporate regulatory documents, etc.;


  • consulting exporters on the procedures for and requirements to Russian products existing in the foreign markets;
    • obtaining and registration of the conformity certificates (declarations, testing protocols, etc.) required to launch Russian products (services) on the international markets;
    • providing information on the certification bodies and testing laboratories accredited (notified) abroad, as well as the certification bodies and testing laboratories functioning as a part of international and regional certification organizations and systems.
  • facilitating compulsory and voluntary certification in international markets:
    • obtaining compliance documents (certificates, testing protocols, etc.) proving the compliance of the product quality to the international standards;
    • obtaining the certificates of compliance to the international management system standards;
    • providing for the product sample testing in the accredited (notifies) testing laboratories (centers).


Pre-export stage
  • checking up for possible customs and taxation legislation violations;
  • preparing documents required to obtain the preliminary customs classification decision;
  • facilitating the preparation of the product processing permit for a certain customs area;
  • assistance in resolving issues connected with country of origin identification and obtaining “Made in Russia” exported good status;
  • consultations on the customs commodity cost calculation.
Export stage
  • facilitating obtaining export supplies clearance documents;
  • consultations on compiling the consignment documents required for export supplies;
  • facilitating the efficient application of customs benefits for goods exported from the Russian Federation, including the use of customs procedures featuring such benefits.
Post-export stage
  • facilitating the preparation of papers, required for VAT recovery.


  • optimum route, carrier and delivery agents, customs brokers selection;
  • consultations during the obtaining and filling-up the papers required for export supplies and customs clearance;
  • consultations on cargo insurance;
  • preliminary calculation of the transportation cost for the exported goods;
  • consultations on the execution of the International Contract;
  • consultations on non-tariff regulations imposed by the customs authorities at the border;
  • conducting seminars on logistics and customs clearance for the exporters.