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Central African Republic is interested in REC to attract Russian exporters to the country

19 april 2021

“CAR is interested in REC to attract Russian exporters to the country,” Dmitry Prokhorenko, Director for Development of the Foreign Network of REC JSC, said at the meeting with the delegation from the Central African Republic. One of the main potentials for increasing the volume of export of Russian products to the CAR, according to Dmitry Prokhorenko, is the involvement of Russian companies in the implementation of key economic projects in the country, including through participation in infrastructure projects.
“The REC Group is interested in expanding the supply of Russian goods to the countries of Central Africa, in particular, to the CAR. Taking into account the significant population growth rates, the intensification of economic integration processes, the vast domestic market and a number of ambitious infrastructure projects that the subregion states plan to implement, Russian companies may be potentially interested in the implementation of joint foreign economic projects,” Dmitry Prokhorenko.
He also added that NRE exports to the CAR amounted to $ 2.3 M in 2020, showing a negative trend of 8%, while the total volume of supported export amounted to $ 3 M. “The involvement of Russian companies in the investment projects of the CAR Government in the future can double the volume of NRE in the republic,”  Dmitry Prokhorenko noted, stressing the importance of enhancing mutually beneficial cooperation between the countries.
The Russian delegation was also presented by a representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, who discussed the issues of enhancing the export of domestic products to the CAR. The CAR delegation was headed by Pascal Koyagbele, Minister-Delegate for Capital Construction and Strategic Investment under the Administration of the President of the CAR,  who arrived in Moscow on a working visit.
“We are interested in attracting Russian technologies and Russian experience. We see potential in the joint projects in the agricultural sector, mining industry, construction and maintenance of major infrastructure facilities,”- Pascal Koyagbele. He also noted that the CAR is actively looking for new ways of interaction with Russia to increase the country’s economic potential.

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