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EXIAR takes part in BRICS Heads of ECAs meeting

12 november 2019

The capital of Brazil became the venue for the 5th BRICS Heads of ECAs meeting. This year’s event is hosted by the ECA of Brazil - Agência Brasileira Gestora de Fundos Garantidores e Garantias (ABGF) – and precludes the program of the official 11th BRICS Summit. The forum of BRICS ECAs effectively took its first round-trip across BRICS cities and returned to the country where the idea was originally conceived in Fortaleza in 2014.

The national export credit agencies were represented by Ms. Helena Mulim Venceslau - CEO of ABGF, Mr. Nikita Gusakov - CEO of EXIAR, Mr. Shivaji Narvekar – General Manager of ECGC, Mr. Song Shuguang – Chairman of Sinosure and Mr. Kutoane Kutoane - CEO of ECIC.

The agenda of the event traditionally revolves around extending various forms of collaboration between the export support institutions. It always embraces the discussion of joint projects and business results, allows for careful consideration of joint BRICS position to be presented at other international fora like Berne Union /  Prague Club and International Working Group and also enables the heads of organizations to set the stage for further in-depth discussions of business practices during the ECAs technical seminars.  

Of course this event is very important for us because BRICS presidency should be officially transferred to Russia during the coming days. But it is even more so due to the fact that current meeting takes us back to the place where the idea of creating BRICS ECAs Forum has originally materialized. This meeting gives us a chance to have a comprehensive view on the results of our collaboration to date and set tangible targets to be achieved during next meeting cycle. We are now focused on increasing our efforts to find feasible projects for joint implementation, especially in promising markets like Africa, and also enhance the information exchange between our organizations between the meetings to achieve greater synergy in our underwriting, project assessment and eventual claims handling

Nikita Gusakov

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