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Exports from Russia to China grew by a record 13%

7 april 2021

In 2020 NRE exports from Russia to China hit a  record $ 16.3 B, which is 13% more than a year before.
Russia has significantly increased food exports to China. Export of beef increased 4.5 times, while export of rapeseed, poultry, sunflower oil and sweets doubled. Today the Russian confectionery market ranks 8th in the world, which is almost 3% of the global market. In 2020, Russia exported over 80 thousand tons of sweets to China. This is 21% more than a year before.
“Our countries have set a goal to hit a mark of  $ 200 B by 2024. And we can reach this milestone if we accomplish three things. Firstly, we need to discover new niches for NRE. The export of agro-industrial products seems to be especially promising. Secondly, we need to reopen logistics routes, many of which have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. For example, now only 3 out of 9 agroexpress trains launched by Russian Export Center and RZD Logistics are currently operating,” Veronika Nikishina, General Director of REC.
She has stressed that Russian Export Center is developing new instruments for promoting the Chinese market and strengthening the synergy of online and offline sales so that domestic exporters can quickly integrate and start selling.
“China is distinguished by an extremely high level of online retail, which has accounted for about 22% in  2019, and more than 30% at the moment. For comparison, the world average is 8-9%. However, Chinese consumers buy online only familiar products with known packaging, composition and quality,” Veronika Nikishina added.
China International Import Exhibition (CIIE) is one of the platforms where Chinese consumers can familiarize themselves with Russian goods. In just 3 years of CIIE, REC organized about 1200 targeted meetings, at which more than 100 agreements were signed. Half a year remains before the exhibition, but 17 exporters, 11 of which are food manufacturers, have already submitted their applications. 

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