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Leonarda-Service LLC signed a memorandum of understanding with Angolan Pitabel Group at the Russia-Africa Economic Forum in Sochi

23 october 2019

Angolan Pitabel Group signed a memorandum of understanding with Russian Leonarda-Service LLC. Angolan company was represented by Mr Abel Domingos Segunda, Chairman of the Board of Pitabel Group. Russian innovative company was represented by Mr Andrey Rezvov, Director General.

The Russian company manufactures high-tech medical products, as well as products in the field of thermoelectricity, heat transfer and energy preservation.

LEONARDA’s product line involves innovative medical products improving the quality of life of people with disabilities and chronic diseases, positively affecting man’s and woman’s reproductive functions. Mr Andrei Rezvov, Company’s  CEO, owns 27 Russian patents for various inventions. The top manager personally developed special innovative medical products that can significantly reduce the recovery period for athletes, as well as improve their physical power before competitions.

The parties believe that the memorandum will boost the competitiveness of Russian and Angolan business, and will create the basis for developing close commercial ties and increasing the volume of bilateral trade and investment between two countries.

High-tech Russian medical export to South-West Africa is both of economic and political importance. It’s a signal that Russia is back to the region. Russian-Angolan relations were always very close and open. The export of innovative medical technologies, which are extremely important for Angola, will facilitate their strengthening

Andrey Slepnev

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