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My Export digital platform helped exporters save 23.8 tons of paper in a year

28 october 2021

It was calculated how much paper had been saved by exporters with the My Export digital platform (One-Stop-Shop IS) by the World Paper Free Day. The Paper Free Day is celebrated every fourth Thursday in October.

For almost a year, companies saved about 23.8 tons of paper by using electronic contracts, applications, certificates, etc. instead of traditional documents. This is about 4,800,000 sheets, or about 20 fully loaded motor vans.

Being provided with state support for participation in exhibitions, each exporting company must submit a set of six documents on average, 10 sheets each. To receive compensation for costs to transport industrial products, an exporter usually submits at least 5 boxes with documents, and at least one box in the case of compensation for costs to transport agricultural products.

“Digitalization not only removes administrative barriers and streamlines business processes but also helps to protect nature. Companies, applying for state support through the My Export platform, save tons of paper. One-Stop-Shop Information System has already preserved hundreds of trees this year. Further development of digital services will help companies significantly reduce paperwork and use paper efficiently, literally preserving hectares of forest,” said Aleksey Mikhailik, Vice President of REC JSC responsible for the One-Stop-Shop project.


The World Paper Free Day was established in 2010 by the American Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM), which deals with the structuring of catalogues, records, and workflow. The World Paper Free Day aims to attract people’s attention to the sustainable use of everything made of paper and cardboard, as well as to new technologies to reduce the use of paper.

My Export digital platform (One-Stop-Shop IS for exporters) was launched in November 2020. It provides Russian exporters with online access to services that help entering foreign markets.

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