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Peter Fradkov Makes Working Visit to Latin America and US

27 october 2017

Head of the REC Group Peter Fradkov has made a working visit to Mexico, Paraguay, Colombia, and the US over a five-day schedule from October 22 to 27.

During the visit, Fradkov took part in talks with government and business representatives, and also spoke at the plenary session of the “Trade and Industrial Dialog: Russia and Mexico” forum. There, he highlighted opportunities to diversify Russia’s offerings to Mexico. Industries of primary focus included aviation (supplying the latest models of aircraft and helicopters), oil and gas, energy, radio-electronic and radio-navigation equipment, small-scale power generation, and the latest tow trains and rolling stock which have been built using innovative materials.

Among the goods Russia ships to Mexico with the support of the Russian Export Center Group are chemicals, cars, equipment, and paper and cardboard. We have also begun shipping consignments of metering and counting devices, ventilators, and much else besides to the country. A project involving the delivery of 30 Sukhoi SupetJet 100 aircraft to Mexico is currently in the implementation phase, and is receiving support from EXIAR (an REC Group company). Twenty aircraft have already been exported. The Russian Export Center Group is prepared to increase the amount of support provided, using its entire range of financial and non financial products. This also concerns the implementation of international structured initiatives involving Russian and Mexican producers. The products offered by the REC, such as loans for buyers of Russian products and the buyer’s bank, and identifying Russian suppliers upon request from foreign buyers, form an important asset for our partners abroad

Peter Fradkov
Head of the REC Group

The plenary session was followed by a business session entitled “Russian Hour – Russian Helicopters for Latin America: Realities and Prospects for Market Growth”. The event was opened by Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginsky and Peter Fradkov, and included a presentation of the Ansat multipurpose helicopter. It is an aircraft ideal for air medical services, search and rescue operations, police missions, and emergency situations.

During his time in Mexico, Fradkov also attended the Mexico Business Summit in San Luis Potosi, and held working meetings with Mexican Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal and Interjet Chairman Miguel Alemán Velasco. These meetings provided an opportunity to discuss key issues related to collaboration between the two countries, primarily with regards the aviation sector.

On October 24, Fradkov was in the Paraguayan capital to speak at the plenary session of a forum entitled “Trade and Industrial Dialog: Russia–Paraguay. Promotion in Promising Mercosur Markets”.

He highlighted the active role played by UAZ on the Paraguayan market – the company’s first consignment of vehicles to the country has already been virtually entirely sold. In addition, mechanical engineering companies based in Russia have expressed their interest in shipping agricultural equipment. Other goods in demand on the Paraguayan market include river passenger ships and items manufactured by the road and construction machine-building industry.

Russia’s exports to the country already extend far beyond fertilizers and industrial products, and also include the very latest IT solutions. SearchInform recently opened its first Latin American office with the REC’s assistance. The company is already training local integrators in order to help promote its information security solution in Paraguay.

In the first seven months of 2017, Russia exported USD 15.6 million-worth of non-commodity and non-energy goods. This represents a 12.4% increase on the same period the previous year. Russia’s exports to the country are gradually diversifying, with many of these projects benefitting from support from the Russian Export Center Group

Peter Fradkov
Head of the REC Group

A business mission also took place in the country, which saw a cooperation agreement signed between the Russian Export Center and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Paraguay. Putting pen to paper were Peter Fradkov and Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Paraguay Oscar Stark Robledo. The agreement outlines plans for regular face-to-face meetings, and also to hold industry-specific conferences, which will facilitate access to the Paraguayan market for Russian exporters, and help increase the flow of investment to the country.

On October 25, Colombia hosted a business mission made up of over 30 Russian companies representing various industries. Among them were Russian Helicopters, United Aircraft Corporation, UAZ, GAZ Group, United Shipbuilding Corporation, RM Rail, Rosneft, Lukoil, Power Machines, United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation, TurboTechCom, BIOCAD, The St. Petersburg Research and Development Institute for Vaccines and Serums, Uralkali, RusITExport, Mayak Research and Production Enterprise, and Positive Technologies.

The same day saw a meeting take place with Colombian Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Maria Gutierrez, which focused on increasing investment and broadening cooperation in the non-commodity and high-tech sectors.

The Russian Export Center also held a presentation which highlighted available financial support measures, and in particular, tools to extend credit lines to Colombian buyers of Russian products on favorable terms.

In total, over 450 participants and delegates from Russia, Mexico, Colombia, and Paraguay visited events held as part of the business missions. The plenary sessions concluded with networking opportunities, which saw over 150 B2B meetings organized between Russian and Latin American business representatives.

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