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Состоялась экспертная дискуссия по зарубежной выставочно-ярмарочной деятельности

24 августа 2016

The Committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on Industrial Policy held an extended meeting on August 23 entitled “Barriers and state support measures to increase the Russian industrial companies’ involvement in exhibitions and trade fairs abroad”.

The event was attended by exporters and experts working in the field of exhibitions.

The discussion was conducted as part of a specialized research project run by the Russian Export Center. As well as identifying barriers and the most in-demand state support measures for increasing domestic producers’ involvement in exhibitions and trade fair activity, it also aims to determine specific exhibitions and forums abroad for Russia to prioritize.

According to Director for Export Policy and Analysis at the Russian Export Center Mikhail Sneg, the strategic goal is to create an export-friendly environment in Russia and provide a wide range of competitive support tools.

Russian producers are calling out for their products to be sold abroad. Exhibitions are one of the most important channels for product marketing and promotion, as well as for identifying future partners. For this reason, support tools in this segment should be as efficient and functional as possible. One of our proposals is to implement a program of collective Russian stands at leading international events. We believe that this format is both effective, and is in line with best global practice.

Mikhail Sneg
Director for Export Policy and Analysis at the Russian Export Center

Participants put forward and discussed in detail a series of proposals on increasing Russian exporters’ participation at exhibitions abroad, and also looked at specific needs of various industries and businesses.

Recommendations drawn from the joint meeting will be sent to a number of bodies, including the management of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, public authorities in Russia and the wider Eurasian Economic Union, committees and commissions of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, regional and industry-specific associations affiliated with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs , and media outlets. They will also be used to prepare a related report for the Government.

Russian Export Center

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